Alcoholic Beverage Law

The alcoholic beverage industry is one of the most intensely regulated markets in the U.S.  In addition, both Tennessee and federal alcoholic beverage laws are complex.  Determining what type of license for which a business can apply is often daunting.  Licensing is usually a critical component of doing business when alcohol is involved, and will determine a company’s ability to produce, import, distribute and/or buy and sell alcoholic beverages.  GSRM works diligently with alcoholic beverage industry clients to evaluate the license or licenses needed to manage, create or expand a business involving alcohol.  Our lawyers also know that receiving a solid timeline and cost estimate for licensure is an important step in planning a business involving alcoholic beverages, so one of our goals is to provide clients with reliable benchmarks to plan their operations.

GSRM lawyers represent clients before the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) and the various beer boards throughout the State, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, and the Tennessee General Assembly.  Firm attorneys understand alcoholic beverage law and licensing from the inside out.  One of our team members has served as Assistant Director and Interim Director of the TABC, and knows first-hand what it takes to persuade and influence administrators in our clients’ favor.  In addition, members of our practice have long careers lobbying for changes in alcoholic beverage laws.  As a result, our attorneys have actually written or amended a number of the statutes in Tennessee’s Alcoholic Beverage Code and beer laws.

Firm lawyers serve as counsel for national alcoholic beverage manufacturers, as well as many retailers of alcoholic beverage products.  Our clients include restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs, grocers, resorts and other venues that serve and/or sell alcoholic beverages, as well as manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers of alcoholic beverages in both Tennessee and in other states.  Our attorneys advise on obtaining liquor licenses for every type and category of alcohol imaginable, as well as determine which licenses are optimal for each client.

GSRM is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions regarding federal, state and local licensing and regulatory and compliance issuesThe firm advises on state and federal liquor license requirements, and regulatory, entitlement and enforcement matters.  Our attorneys are involved in temporary and emergency suspension hearings, as well as with probation and consent orders, disciplinary orders and appeals.  Our team aggressively and effectively defends client positions in citations, enforcement matters and administrative hearings, as well as other court actions involving alcoholic beverage related ordinances, statutes and regulations.  Our lawyers also seek to mitigate any loss from state or federal law actions.

The firm offers effective lobbying and advice on behalf of alcoholic beverage industry clients before the Tennessee General Assembly.  Our attorneys regularly meet with officials and government representatives to discus and monitor proposed and/or current legislation affecting the firm’s alcoholic beverage industry clients including entrepreneurs, commercial organizations, business coalitions and trade associations.  GSRM has served as legal counsel to the Tennessee Hospitality and Tourism Association and its predecessors for nearly two decades.  This group is the largest trade association for retail sellers of alcohol in the State.  GSRM also serves as lead counsel for Red, White and Food, the organization that successfully lobbied to bring wine to grocery store shelves in Tennessee.  Additionally, our team successfully lobbied to permit the State to license bars and other venues where food sales are not the majority of the establishment’s business.

Our lawyers are involved in literally all aspects of alcoholic beverage law, including national and international license laws and regulatory compliance.  Our attorneys are members of national trade associations concerned with alcohol and alcohol regulation, and strive to remain continuously connected with current and ongoing changes of alcohol industry legislation throughout the United States.  GSRM delivers the expertise, guidance and resources necessary, as well as advocates all tiers and levels of the alcoholic beverage and liquor licensing process.  Our lawyers insure that firm clients avoid the pitfalls and head the restrictions of gaining and maintaining a liquor license, as well as continually serve as a liaison between industry participants and regulators.