The TABC will launch its new online system for license application and renewal on January 22, 2018.  The system is a product of many years of work for the TABC.  Beginning on January 22, users will be able to preview the site, create accounts, and can begin entering information and documents into their accounts.

For those who are renewing licenses after February 1, you will be required to submit as many of the original licensure documents as possible with the renewal application.  The TABC has elected not to do a data conversion into the new system so each licensee will be responsible for populating the online license file for the location.  This means you will upload copies of the original lease, deed, Certificate of Registration for Sales and Use Tax, corporate documents, management agreements, bill of sale documents, certificate of existence, use and occupancy permit, city business license, price schedule, identification documents, menus, alcohol dealer registration form, and any other documents that were originally requested by the TABC when you originally applied for the license.

The documents related to individual owners are now integrated into the system within the online application itself.  There will no longer be a need to notarize the application, the various questionnaires, or declarations of citizenship.  It is critical that the online application includes information on all individual owners whose identity is required within the application.

The new system will accept credit cards as part of the renewal and application process and allow users to print licenses directly from the online portal.

The system will also be used to obtain server permits, which will eliminate the need to visit the TABC office with a cashier’s check.  This change alone will make life much easier for your server staff.

GSRM has attended several sessions related to the new system and we believe it will be a great improvement over the paper system.  It will, however, take some getting used to by those used to the paper application.  GSRM can also manage all license renewals directly from our online account, so much of the licensure maintenance activities should be invisible to our clients.

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